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1Do I need to subscribe or can I order a one-off?

You have the option of purchasing one-off flower arrangements or subscribing where we think you'll love having flowers every month but you do have the option of cancelling your subscription at any time, either through PayPal or by contacting us.

2Will I need any extra equipment?

We supply everything you need for the monthly arrangement, this can be anything from string, wire or tiny little pumpkins. All you need is a pair of scissors and a clean vase. If you haven’t got the perfect vase drop us a line at annie@rosarugosa.co.uk and we can help.

3I am new to flower arranging, does this matter?

No, our florists mantra is that "anyone can create magic", the video link is easy to follow.

4Can I order as a present?

Of course you can and we can hand write any special messages.

5How do I see the videos?

We place a written link into each box. You can also see all our videos on our You Tube channel: Rosa Rugosa - Creating Magic.

6How environmentally friendly are you?

We feel very strongly on this and all our packaging is compostable, even our little sachets of flower food. We don’t use any plastic at all.


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